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In the fourth round of our #photocasetakeover our photographer Jean-Marie (aka jmdphoto) took over our instagram account for three days. Today we will show you 5 of the pictures he took back then plus some personal words and an announcement for round number five. Enjoy!

Photo #1

Good Morning everybody! I am @jmdphoto_de and I will be your host for the next 3 days. Let's start with some Iceland Shots I took a few months ago… #photocasetakeover #photocase #iceland #ísland #icelandic #waterfall #skogafoss #skógafoss

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I took the picture at the Skogafoss Waterfall while I was visiting Iceland for two weeks. A lot of pictures were taken below the waterfall, but it is also worth going up a bit. It is a freehand panorama photo, made up of 7 different shots. In particular the colours excited me. We were there some time before the season started. The green of the moss was about to unfold and showed a nice contrast to the lichens. At the same time the subtle rainbow in the waterfall made for a beautiful subject.

Photo #2

Table in a Painting School @jmdphoto_de #photocasetakeover #photocase #paint #colors #colorful

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This photo was taken by chance. We had a visitor and I showed him the city of Aachen while having a walk. Amongst other things we passed the Museum Ludwig Forum Aachen, however it was closed that day. In front of the doors there was this old table belonging to the painting school at the museum. One could just see that the table is a piece of history. Hundreds of different layers of paint. I made the photo with my iPhone, which I have most of the time with me and which is increasingly replacing my camera (unless you later need a high resolution image). In this case I definitely regret that I did not have my Sony A7r with me…

Photo #3

DIY Limousine #photocasetakeover #photocase #limousine #vsco #vscofilm #antwerp #antwerpen #diy @jmdphoto_de

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This limousine was standing in Antwerp. We learned to love this city a few years ago and since then we visit several times each year. Because there are always interesting subjects I always have my camera with me. This scene just wanted to be photographed! Unfortunately you don’t see that some gaffer tape kept this ‚Limo‘ together and that it looked quite distorted due the different sizes of the wheels. A nice contrast was also the polished chrome bar on the bottom, reflecting the cobbled street.

Photo #4

People standing in water #photocasetakeover #photocase @jmdphoto_de #florida #floridakeys #bahiahonda #bahiahondastatepark #ocean #beach #shore #sea #horizon

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The last two pictures were made during a visit to Florida for three weeks and were coincidentally taken the same day. We had travelled around 3500 km and were incredibly impressed by Florida. I took the two photos in the Bahia Honda State Park. The Florida Keys and especially Key West were quite disappointing, as the expectations were high. But the Bahia Honda State Park is absolutely worth a trip. It is located roughly in the middle of the Keys and has some wonderful beaches and trails. I took a lot of pictures of the first scene, always in different cutouts, as the order of the people kept changing. Simply beautiful to see.

Photo #5

Florida Keys Sunset #photocasetakeover @jmdphoto_de #sunset #bahiahonda #bahiahondastatepark #florida #floridakeys

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The sunset lasted for a very long time. On the left side you see the old railway bridge, which became useless and began to decay after the new road bridge on the right side of the photo was built. For shipping traffic they removed parts of the bridge and it is a simply impressive scene. We would have liked to enjoy the sunset on a sailing ship, but this will probably be the case the next time.

Because the #photocasetakeover is always so much fun for us, we are happy to announce the next round starting at 14th of December 2015. This time silasbaisch is running our instagram account. We are excited what to expect this time!

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