Photocase Update: Now easier for buyers to cite photographer

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As some of you may have noticed, we made a few changes on sunday night. Some of you may not have noticed right away because you were hopefully watching the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team beat the USA team for the Gold Medal (congratulations). In any event, we’re going to start a rest-of-the-week series where we round-up the changes in this update.

We sometimes got emails from users who wanted to know the proper format for citing Photocase photo, and this change will make it easier for buyers to correctly cite the Photographer/Photocase when using a photo from us. As you well know (because when you first signed up for Photocase you undoubtedly sat down with a cup of tea and read the entire Terms of Use three times) when you use a Photocase photo you must cite the username of the Photographer as well as the platform (hint hint: that’s us, We’ve added a simple text field with the properly formatted citation, so that buyers can simply copy and paste the citation. No hassle, no confusion, and that good feeling you get from being a perfectionist.

Remember: If you don’t want to or your project simply doesn’t allow for a citation, then you can always buy an extended license for 25 credits that permits you to use the photo without including a citation.

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