Zipshot Tripod deploys fast but how hard is it to break-down once you’re done?

So this is the Zipshot Tripod, and the first thing I thought of when I saw this video was “so where’s the video where it shows the guy taking this thing apart?” but it’s there, you just gotta watch to the end. And I guess it didn’t look that tedious, but those legs look like the same type of technology used in modern tent poles, and unless there’s been huge improvement in skinny aluminum poles and elastic bands, I know from tenting experience that it won’t be long before the elastic stretches out too much or breaks altogether, dirt gets inside, the connections get scratched and sticky, they get jammed together, and the more you use them the more of a pain they are to take apart. Or maybe I just bought a bummer tent.

Oh, and I also realized that this thing doesn’t have adjustable leg heights, so the people who should get the most out of a lightweight easy-to-carry, easy-to-use tripod (hikers, canoe trippers, long walks in the forest type people) are going to spend a lot more time trying to find some level ground to put this thing on.

Conclusion: Get a Gorillapod instead. A friend of mine brought one with him on a ski trip to the Alps last year and it was small, awesome and even the standard one (built for SLRs) is half the weight of the Zipshot.


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