Photocase adds awesome new photo preview function

New Photobrowser Page

This is the awesome new Photocase photo browser page.

This’ll be our last installment before our next update (which will be coming soon, you heard it here first!), and this post outlines the changes we’ve made to the photo browser page. Some people might call these mostly cosmetic changes, but those people would be mostly wrong. These are not mostly cosmetic, they are slightly cosmetic and are also awesome efficiency improvements that will not only make your life easier, improve your vision and make your breath smell like roses, but it will also help you find great photos faster.

We’ve added a 4th row of images to the browser and search results pages. Widescreens are the future people. Second, we added a Quick Preview function which shows you an enlarged version of the photo you’re looking at by simply moving your cursor over it. Our programmers tell me that this works by magic, and then right after they say “honest” and then they giggle and walk away. They’re always in such a good mood those guys. Finally, we also added an easy-add Lightbox option on the browser and search pages, just click the “+” sign under the thumbnail of your choice and the photo will be added to your Lightbox.

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