The Noktor HyperPrime 50mm f/0.95 – I want to go to there.

Noktor Hyper Prime
The Noktor Hyper Prime. Making hearts beat faster since 2010.

This is the Noktor Hyper Prime 50mm. lens is not only attractive, it’s also super super fast. Actually, f/0.95 is so fast my dad would take one look at this and swear (which he almost never does) and then make some comment like “you could shoot photos without a flash in the middle of the night with that lens.” I confess that I made similar comments, as the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Dear Noktor, please send me this lens to review. Nevermind this blog post, I will be unbiased and gentle. However, first I’d need to buy a Micro 4/3s camera (like a Panasonic Lumix GF1, or an Olympus Pen)… Dear Panasonic! Please send me a GF1!

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