The making of the Photocase splash page

You’ve all seen it, and you may think there’s nothing to it; that we just pick a few photos, plunk them on the page and voilà: New Splash Page. Well, it’s a little more complicated than that (although not much more complicated really). The most complicated part is the politics of the choice, or what everyone can agree on and since we work by committee here it’s about a 25% success rate. So you can figure that for every 1 photo to get onto the splash page, there have been at least 4 mock-ups (made on a file dating back to early 2007. Remember that logo?). So best case scenario is that 1 in 4 gets through. Sound familiar?

This is one I loved that didn’t make it, Zu Spät by chriskuddl

Now, if you’re one of those people who think that the splash page should only ever be seen in it’s final form (like who wants to see sausages being made?) then you should click here to visit an awesome blog where a guy buys old cameras and takes cool pictures with them. If you wanna see more, click more…

Ok, the squeamish have left, on to the details. After style (obviously) the next most important is the shape. Some photos are the wrong shape but we’ll try really hard to make them fit. These two (Sint 1, Sint 2) are perfect examples of that. We were going for a “spring is in the air” vibe and these photos from Sint were so great, but hard to make work. Sometimes it’s really easy like this flower photo, all we had to do was flip it around and it was done. Other times we have to do some clonestamp/copy-paste/transform magic to make a photo work. Thankfully it’s mostly brute force because the content boxes cover up so much. This is often what photos will look like underneath the Text box…

Or perhaps a more dramatic example:

Then we fill out an XML file with all the important data and that tells the flash file what text needs to go on the image, and presto, it’s done. The splash page.

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