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Here’s something that everyone’s been talking about and I can’t help myself, I have to mention it too. The BBC reports that in Northern Ireland the DUP party bought a photo of a pretty young lady (who may not even be Irish) to use in their political ads. One of their opponents, the UCU found out it was from a stock site (not ours) and went and bought another photo with the same model from the same shoot.

Original DUP above, cheeky new UCU one below.

I had a roommate in University who would always buy the cheapest ketchup, because it was the cheapest. Yet, every time he used this ketchup, he complained about how terrible it was. A few days later while in the supermarket I checked the prices for the cheap stuff and the top of the line ketchup and the price difference was maybe 15 cents. Moral of the story, is that it’s sometimes better to pony up a little more dough so you’ll end up with something that won’t disappoint*.

*Photocase photos are of course affordable and delicious and won’t ever disappoint. So fill your boots.

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