More great photos – Super long exposures

Alternate title: It’s so nice out, why am I inside.

The iPhone Photo Blog has an amazing article about the longest exposure photos ever made. And we’re not talking piddly little hour long star photos, nor are we talking about days here, but years.

The article starts off with a 6 month colour exposure of a bridge by a photographer named Justin Quennel, a pinhole photographer who clearly spends all his time taking photos because his website is, how do I put this nicely… not good. In any case, the photo is quite something when you think about the fact that the shutter was open for 6 months. But prepare to have your socks blown off, because Michael Wesely, a Münchner who now lives in Berlin took a series of photographs that had exposure times of over a year… I linked his website, but you can skip the visit because it’s the first photographer website I’ve ever seen without photos. I guess there’s a trend here.

Leipziger Platz, Berlin © Michael Wesely

Leipziger Platz, Berlin © Michael Wesely

You can see a book review of Wesely’s book, Open Shutter, here, or buy it here.

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  1. Wow!!! This very amzing…It looks like in my dream..A Roofted City hit by a sun rise,Its also look like in a reflection in a mirror in morning sun.Or Its like a photo of after war,or in under construction?Lot of expression this photo..Very well!!!2 thumbs UP!

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