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A fella named Michael Shaugnessy scanned a whole bunch of awesome vintage colour photos of Europe (marked as being from the Institute for Color Photography, Carl Weller, Berlin/Verlagsanstalt für Farbenfotographie, 1906) and put them in this snazzy little gallery on boingboing. I was trying to pick a fave, but it turns out I’m quite fond of all of them because the photos have this look and feel that is just like how I imagine or remember these places to be in my head. Except for Pisa, because I went there at night. A great touch is the “geo-coded” gallery where you can browse the photos by using a map. Oh, and the photos are believed to be public domain.

Prague from the boingboing Vintage color photos of Europe 1906 article

You can tell this photo is old because the Charles Bridge is entirely devoid of grumpy Czechs trying to sell crappy paintings to drunken Englishmen.

I also really like these “then and now” comparison galleries… but unfortunately most of the “then” galleries are related to war or oppression, like this Berlin Wall one, or this gallery of World War 2 wreckage. I’d like to see some then and now photos of places in Europe that don’t involve artillery or soldiers.

via (obviously) boingboing

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  1. Europe is a very famous country and there are lots of people who likes to go Europe in every vacation to enjoy there holidays because this country is full of colors…

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