French Supremacy

The French are so much more sophisticated and well-mannered than the rest of the world, and not just because of their berets and baguettes and head-butts. Here’s a great example, when this double rainbow appeared over Amboise, in the Loire region of France, did the French lose it and make a video where they screamed “Oh mon Dieu! Qu’est-ce que c’est? C’est un arc-en-ciel double! C’est trop intense! Le chien sera démentiel dans la poêle!” No no, instead of making a garish video full of typical American excess, they simply photographed the double-rainbow, made a postcard and went back to shrugging and smoking Gauloises’ at the café.

C'est quoi ça? Un arc-en-ciel double? Ennuyeux. Oú sont mes cigarettes?

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  1. Like you say, great that they just turn a stunning photo like that into a postcard and carry on as if it’s nothing.

    Must be something in the bagettes! (or Vino)

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