La Chamantrois – Photocase Day 2010

(Alternate title: I ate your taco. I ate it up!)

Another great day. Because last year’s location was so nice we decided to make it twice. Twice in the Babette Bar on Karl Marx Allee 36. A few less people than last year, but that just meant a few more seats, we could talk in quieter voices and more tacos for all. Besides the glorious mexican offerings, we gave a little rundown on what’s been happening behind the scenes, what we have planned for the short and long-term, we had a photo contest and even had time to squeeze in a little Quiz. The weather didn’t wanna play along though, so in the evening we just fired up the BBQs right next to Babette. Not often you get to BBQ on a main street and have access to indoor toilets. It was pretty luxurious. And while we didn’t have cupcakes, our dessert was that there were no visits from any Bylaw officers trying to give us tickets for “Illegal Use of Barbecue.”

Next year, look forward to La Chamanquatre. We’re thinking we might branch out a little and have the event in a place other than Berlin, so if anyone has any suggestions please use the comments below.

Here’s a few pics.

A few more photos here in the German Forum.

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