1.4 Million Euros

photo by tobeys / photocase.com

We heard this morning via Andy Goetze’s great (but lately not-so-regularly-updated Stockphototalk blog) that iStock had posted changes to their royalty rates yesterday evening Germany time. The really short version (as far as I understand it) is that as a new, non-exclusive photographer you start with a 15% royalty rate and you can improve your rate (to a maximum of 20%) based on how many credits are used to download your photos. So, to reach a 20% royalty rate, people need to spend 1.4 millions credits on your photos. For ease of calculation, let’s assume a credit costs 1€*. That means people will have to give iStock 1.4 million Euros before you will earn your 20%. Also, this royalty rate is only valid for one year because iStock recalculates your royalty every year based on the previous year’s sales.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it looks to me. As usual I like being corrected.

* As of today you have to buy 2000 pay-as-you-go credits at a price of 1.908,25 € for the per credit value to drop below 1€ (0,95€)

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  1. Hi there,

    Apologies if this comes across as too promotional but I stumbled on your blog today and noticed your comment about stockphototalk. I publish http://www.fastmediamagazine.com which has become a very popular blog for the stockphoto industry. I have syndicated posts from other blogs and feature feeds. Just thought you would want to know as there are a couple of posts at least every day


  2. eheheh it is something!!.. I have made some calculations based on my humble stats and I need 93K XL saler per year to get the 20%.. 😛

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  4. Yeah! I’ve handed in my exclusivity cancellation to iStockphoto and am looking to spread out now. I’m thinking about coming here, but I’m not sure if my stuff would fit. My portfolio is http://www.iStockphoto.com/redfalcon. Take a look and see if I ought to try to submit my illustrations as JPEGs here?

    But, as far as the new structure, it’s basically a ripoff for a ton of people; especially non-exclusives! To start out at 15% and work your way all the way up to 20% is basically an insult to anyone behind a camera or keyboard. As an exclusive illustrator, I get a whole 30%. But, the biggest problem is the quotas I would have to meet each year to not drop down in my commission. To make a long story short, “no more uploading to iStock!”.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    I wonder how many other folks have chosen to go elsewhere as well? We’re still finding it hard to really understand the system at iStock.

    Your portfolio is great, nice clean icons, but we don’t accept illustrations unfortunately, only photography.

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