100 year old lens on 1 year old camera

I found this link today via Wired’s Gadget Lab. A photographer/cinematographer got his hands on a 102 year old lens and then had a friend rig it up so it’d fit on his Canon 5d mkII. The photos are pretty great, kinda old-fashiony-looking, like someone spent a whole bunch of time in Photoshop, but these are apparently JPGs right out of the camera.

See the lens mounted on the camera after the jump.

A bit of a step up from TTL photos, but I’m not sure where this fits on the Stages of a Photographer chart. Maybe it needs a new point between “techniques” and “found an old film camera.”

All photos © Timur Civan

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  1. nice camera i hope i could have a latest Digital camera so i could take a picture like one of those.

  2. This is a great cam. may be it will be nice for every cinematographer to have it in their closet.The lens are sharp and its picture quality is second to none.

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