Sprocket Rocket by Lomography – Yes, I’m a little behind

Unveiled at the end of October, the Sprocket Rocket is my new favorite camera if only for the name which reminds me of my favorite skis of all time, the Salomon Pocket Rockets (that I destroyed over a season in Whistler BC, but that’s a story for another time). In any case, Anne and I went to the Lomography Gallery Store in Berlin for the Sprocket Rocket launch party. The great thing is you can take photos that cover the whole film, (including the sprocket holes, hence the name) but you can also roll the film back with a high level of accuracy (thanks to a little gauge on the top of the camera). Anyway, here’s how the photos look.

We’ve already got a couple of photos with sprocket holes, including a few from taretz. And here is a little collection of fun photo experiments including sprocket hole exposures and cross processed film.

Just in time for Christmas, you can buy it online here.

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