The Update Roundup

After giving the update a little time to settle in, we thought now would be a good time to introduce it to everyone. Besides a few cosmetic changes, the majority of the work was done behind the scenes.

Get your very own Photocase Address:
As of now you can head to your profile page and choose you own Photocase Address, e.g. We think this’ll make it easier to share your portfolio and photos with other folks who may not know Photocase yet. It’s important that you think carefully about what address you want, once you choose you can’t change it. Letters, numbers and . (period) – (hyphen) and _ (underscore) are all allowed.

Better URLs
This is the biggest change in the update. We made a ton of changes on the back-end to make Photocase more search engine friendly. We’ve started with the Photo Detail page, and you can see the difference already. The URL is now made up of normal keywords, no more weird &=? and stuff like that.

Photo Detail Page
We spruced it up a little, put a bunch of related tools together, and added new Facebook and Twitter buttons. Now you’ll be able to like more photos with less clicks.

As always, we like constructive criticism and feedback and if you notice anything strange going on, please send an email to support[at]

Thanks to everyone who helped test!

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