Daillly and Photocase.com

We’ve decided to team up with Daillly, a new site that is kinda like a whole bunch of my favorite sites all rolled up in one, so we can promote their great new service (and ours of course) to a bunch of new people. We like Daillly because it’s a little bit Groupon in that it new deals come out really often, and it’s a little bit Fousquare in that you get rewards and badges for using and promoting and buying from the service, and it’s a little bit of your favorite online shop because of all the cool stuff they’re going to have for sale at great prices.

Daillly! Find the coolest coolness online.

Daillly! Find the coolest coolness online.

I think it’s going to be like the place you at first think you will keep secret from your friends but then you realize it’s so cool that you would rather take all the credit for finding it in the first place. Daillly’s clients are planning to feature their games, apps, services and content and Daillly users will be able to take advantage of huge discounts as well as earn points, achievements and badges for buying, sharing and experiencing the content that Daillly will showcase.

Check out their site and sign up for a chance to win and to save big bucks on cool stuff! Launch day is only 1 week away!

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  1. After reading up all the hassles of dirt-cheap 3rd party batteries that require decoding/cloning, I figured it’d be worth a couple extra bucks to go original and not have to mess around with it. This battery is indistinguishable from the original one my Bold 9900 came with. Swapped right in, works perfectly.

  2. se va parea extrema in comparatie cu decoltatele costume de baie intregi decupate, insa din fericire pentru femeile care prefer costumele de baie retro, aceasta nu este o problema.

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