Nora Heinisch talks about her photo

Nora Heinisch has only been at Photocase a short time but already has a great collection of photos online, photos that tell stories. We asked her to if she’d be into telling us a little more about her photos. She said yes. 🙂

A photo by nora heinisch

7uhr30” is part of a portrait series that I’m working on that shows people in their everyday: how they live, where they are where they want to go, etc. They’re all ready to realize their dreams, just the way to their dreams is not so clear. A fashion designer earns money for fabric by working as a cashier at an organic grocery store, a musician works in IT with the hopes he’ll soon be able to live from his music alone. An event manager pays his rent by working at a gas station, and a DJ has a record shop on the side. The concept of creating a career from a hobby means endless amounts of work and almost no free time, but none of these people could imagine it any other way.

In “7uhr30” we see a Graduate Designer. 6 years of studying, now what? Go work for a huge agency? Or rather at a smaller one? In any case, getting in is hard as there’s so much competition. Maybe it’s best to go freelance, but that requires lots of self-discipline. Organize your time? Nope! There are time when there are no jobs, and other times where there is so much work that there’s no time for sleep. Forget about sleeping in. And of course there’s always a “friendship price” because the “clients,” friends who are Musicians, Fashion Designers, DJs, event managers need flyers, websites and online shops but “can’t pay so much, you know…”

I think we all know the feeling portrayed in “7uhr30”: On autopilot at the breakfast table, poking your cereal apathetically at the inhumane time of 7:30.

The photo was taken with a Hasselblad 501c, a 40mm lens and a fstop of 4. I scanned the negative and used image editing software, to adjust the white-balance and exposure compensation.

Thanks, Nora!

Check out her user profile here.

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