Bright and beautiful

May gave us some pretty great lightshows. Sunday in particular, thanks to a sudden and epic thunderstorm that rolled through Berlin. Rain and sunshine and of course, that ever wonderful wonder of light: the rainbow (occasionally even seen a double rainbow.) Not only is this kind of phenomenon good for looking at, but you can also take real good photos when this kind of thing happens too! Svea Anais Perrine tells us a little bit about her photo “das neue Gefühl” and gives us a few tips on how to take great photos outside even with a double rainbow solar flare backlight.

A photo by Svea Anais Perrine.

I have to say that my golden rule for photos is: that the people that I photograph have to have a strong personality. Not only that, but the chemistry has to be there. In this case, we met in the park and I’d already planned to take backlit photos. Most important of course is the time, and mid-May I thought it’d be best to there around 18:00. I shot a few portrait photos first, and by 19:30 the sun started to set and we were able to start with backlit photos. The sun sets at a slightly different time every day, and there is always a special 10 to 15 minutes where the sun is at the exact angle where a persons hair is lit from behind but not totally washed out, or their features under or over-exposed. I wanted to catch this moment.

I use my Nikon D60 with a 50mm, 1.8 prime lens with an ISO of 100. The problem in this case was that the lens itself isn’t compatible with the D60’s autofocus (with the D90 it would have worked) so I had to manually focus. This is pretty difficult to do when staring through the lens into the sun. A little trick is to get down so the sun isn’t right in your face, focus, and then get back up again and shoot.

I asked my model to first walk towards me, but I realized later it was better if the model didn’t move from a spot but incorporated movement into her modelling. I took around 50 photos and I figured about 10 to 15 were good. Once I started processing them I realized that number was higher. I’m not a huge fan of Photoshop, but I think with backlit photos, a little help doesn’t hurt.

I recommend, before the days get too short again, to catch some of this golden light yourself!

Danke, Svea! Hier geht’s zu ihrem Userprofil.

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