Handwerte – Cydonna’s photo thesis on exceptional artisanry in Thuringia

Handwerte (2011). Anna's thesis for the Bauhaus-Uni Weimar.

Our very own cydonna turned in her thesis to the der Bauhaus-Uni Weimar. Congrats Anna! It’s a photographic thesis on exceptional artisanry in the German state of Thuringia. Enjoy the photos!

Wolfgang Nothnagel working alone in his workshop on so-called "durchgesteckte Zangen", meaning a special type of pliers where the one handle fits through the other handle rather than merely attached with a bolt or rivet. Photo by Anna-Lena Thamm.

Gerber Jürgen Stölcker "Ich bin mit allen Wassern gewaschen (I know every trick in the book)" A photo by Anna-Lena Thamm.

Cutler Ernst Sommer answering the question of what his workshop means to him: "This is the place where I spend the most of my time." A photo by Anna-Lena Thamm.

"Cane-makers always have black hands because of the tanning agents found in the wood bark we usef", says Michael Geyer, Cane-maker from Lindewerra. A photo by Anna-Lena Thamm.

Thanks, Anna! Visit her profile or visit her website (German).

Her photo thesis is also displayed at the Rundgang der Bauhaus-Uni Weimar from the 14th to 17th of July. The book can also be viewed here.

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