Photographers talk about their photos: The path to light from maspi

Apart from the shivering coldness at the moment, we must admit that fall was pretty kind to us this year. At least in September, we could still hang out outside in the sun in our shorts. Plus, as you can see in the large number of awesome fall photos we got on Photocase, turns out that fall is very photogenic. Recently our photographer maspi uploaded his photo “the path to the light” to our collection. In our blogpost he tells us a little more about his mystical photo.

A photo by maspi

It was a morning in late September. The day before I returned from a long and exhausting journey and on my flight back I already have been looking forward to my running session through my favorite forest.

I was planning to start early but thanks to Mr. Jetlag I didn’t arrive before 9. Pieces of fog that the sun hadn’t frizzled away yet, were still hanging in the trees. It was beautiful. After running for half an hour I arrived at the spot on the photo and suddenly it happened. I just couldn’t keep on running. I had to capture this situation. But how? Of course I didn’t bring a camera. But maybe in the car? I ran back to the car and… yes, there was a camera, although the batteries were almost finished. I ran back to the path, put the camera on a tree branch and took as many photos as I could before the battery died. Back home, I transferred the files onto my computer and afterwards totally forgot about them for a couple of years.

I stumbled upon those photos again when I checked the hard drive of my old computer for important data before finally getting rid of it. I probably have to mention that, at the time the photo was taken, I was experimenting a lot with CHDK (a program that enables you to shoot series of exposures and generate a RAW format. That’s why I had a series of exposures of 3 photos in RAW format. The rest is told quickly. I assembled the 3 photos in Photoshop and the result is what you see here: A photos from the past.

Thanks, maspi!

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