Happy new year and a look back at 2011

Happy 2012, everybody! Hope you had a lovely new years eve. We thought a nice (and slightly delayed) beginning to the New Year would be a little photographical review of 2011. We’ve collected the 12 Photocase photos that you found the most interesting.*

And here are your top photos of the last 12 months:

Have a great 2012! 🙂


*Side note: Interest is measured by a crack team of analysts who constantly monitor a highly scientific system of algorithms and…ok not really. Actually it’s relatively straightforward although there is a reasonably complex procedure to determine “interest” that involves (among other things) comments, votes, downloads, links and last but not least, how recently it was posted. Ok there might be some secret ingredients too. Or maybe not. If we told you we’d have to kill you. But since there’s nothing to tell, you’re safe. Just don’t ask any more questions.

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