Photographers talk about their photos: The fish by Safa

Wow, what a catch! This photo definitely caught our attention last week, so we asked Safa to tell us a little more about his photo and the two guys that are apparently very much looking forward to a delicious fish meal. So here’s the story behind it.

This is it. The fish, straight from the Persian Gulf. A photo by Safa Daneshvar.

The photo shows my little brother Ramtin Daneshvar together with my nephew Zahra at our home in Teheran, Iran. The Daneshvar family is dispersed all over the world and so we hardly ever get the chance to meet all in one place. That’s why the time we spend together is always very precious. My brother Ramtin works in the oil industries on Lavan island in the Persian Gulf and he has only 6 days off every month. The day this photo was taken, we (me, Ramtin, Zahra and my elder brother Arya) could finally spend some time together, at least for a couple of hours and we were obviously very happy about that.

That day Rantim, a passionate swimmer, scuba diver and fisher came home with a big “Shir” fish as a souvenir from the Persian Gulf [editor’s note: According to, a “Shir Mahi” is a kind of Spanish mackerel]. We were all very excited because a fish like this can never be found in Teheran. It was huge. Before preparing the fish we had some fun time taking photos. When I’m at home, my family is always my favorite motif!

As for Equipment and settings: The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 50D and a EF 16-35mm L II USM lens. I used a Hoya Polarizer filter, 82mm HD. I did a little editing in Photoshop on Autolevel and contrast plus a little bluring effect and sponge tool at the background.

I especially want to thank my mom for a delicious lunch the next day. 🙂

Thanks, Safa!

About Safa Daneshvar

Safa, who is also known as the man who is always running and jumping, works as a Civil Engineer and is living in Teheran, Iran. He loves swimming, diving, biking trips, travelling and… surprise… photography. Check out his website or head to his profile.

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