Photographers talk about their photos: “Boy on a bed” by Wanda Depperschmidt

Wanda Depperschmidt joined Photocase in May 2010 and since the beginning of this year, she published one photo after the other that knocked our shoes off (believe it or not but that literally happened with prokop‘s shoes, but that’s another story). So we thought it was about time to ask her to tell us a little bit more about one of her photos and she said yes! And here’s for you the story behind the photo “Boy on a bed.”

"Junge am Bett" ein Foto von Wanda Depperschmidt

A photo by Wanda Depperschmidt

It could also be called “the calm before the storm.” I would like to begin with talking about what a nice feeling it is to arrive at a place where everything seems to be perfect: the light, the motif, the colors. The only thing you need is a camera to capture that moment.

The boy on the photo is my son and the person lying in bed is his uncle. My kids gave him the nickname “BÖSER”, which means “Meanie.” He is very funny and always plays with them when we visit Grandma and Grandpa, and the house gets turned upside down every time. I especially like the attic with its seemingly chaotic charm and bright colours. Now it has been renovated and lost its “construction site” feel.

This photo was taken during a timeout, siesta. Everyone is a little tired but soon they’ll get back to playing.

The photo was taken with a Sony Alpha-700 and a Kit-lens. Apart from contrast and resharpening, I didn’t have to change anything. These are the kind of photos I particularly like. Unforced and spontaneous and a the coming-together of many small, but crucial things.

Thanks, Wanda!

Check out her user profile here.

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