Photographers talk about their photos: DOUBLE TROUBLE from nicolasberlin and phoenixie

Two scoops of ice cream are better than one, a double shot of espresso keeps you awake longer than a single and sometimes seeing double can be good for your eyes. Our photographers nicolasberlin from Berlin and phoenixie from Switzerland teamed up for an awesome photo project which we are happy to feature in our blog today. The two photos with the title “DOUBLE TROUBLE” are part of their photo series. In this blogpost, nicolasberlin talks about playing with reality, the viewers expectations, nearness and distance.

DOUBLE TROUBLE. A photo by nicolasberlin

A photo by nicolasberlin

This project has been on my heart for about two years now. Photographs document reality. That’s what people say about photography and I find it very fascinating to play with this concept in order to mislead the viewer.

When I discovered phoenixies photos, those amazing Selfish’s how she calls them, I knew it was now or never. I wrote her to tell her about my idea to start a photo project together. Slowly but surely, the concept grew more and more concrete. Everyone took photos of herself/himself. Thanks to Skype and Dropbox, communication was easy. The biggest challenge for both of us was, to find the right photo in a pool of someone else’s photos that would be the best one to morph into a collage with a photo of your own. But in the end that part of the process was also the one that we enjoyed the most.

50% the photos were made in Berlin and Switzerland and 50% in Photoshop. Before the shooting, we adjusted aperture and focal length. During the shooting itself, we paid close attention that the bodies got enough light and shadow. The fusion of the two single photos into one was done in Photoshop. At first, we uploaded the 2 photos as 2 layers and adapted opacity and blending (multiply, overlay or hard light). Et voila, here’s a double exposure that is none. That’s why I prefer the term collage.

DOUBLE TROUBLE. A photo by phoenixie

A photo by phoenixie

Brought to the point, what we wanted to show with this project is how well you can lie with the means of photography: What you see are photos of poeple, that are so close that they almost melt into each other and that leave the viewer with the impression that those two people are a couple or at least people that know each other very well. But in reality, these two people never met personally and live in different countries. A big lie.

What slowly evolved throughout our collaboration is the concept of melancholy of the end of an relationship. Even though two people still seem to be together, the truth is that they aren’t any more and haven’t been for a long time. Pure melancholy, that I was able to dive into too thanks to phoenixie’s photos.

Thanks so much to phoenixie and nicolasberlin!

See more photos from their fascinating series here.

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