Say Hi to Our New Start Page

Yay, We’ve got a new start page! It was about time to retire the old one. There are quite a few new things, so we thought it would be best to explain everything in more detail here in this post.

More Photos

On our new start page we have the possibility to show better teasers and highlight important stuff. We can show off more photos in seasonal lightboxes or when Kai gets a new haircut. People who are looking for awesome summer photos for example, will immediately find a great collection of matching photos right in our shop window.


Bye, Bye Flash

We said “smell ya later” to Flash so the start page now looks just as great on your iPhone and iPad.


The Search Moves to the Top

You can find the search field now on top of the page, right under the menu bar, just like it has been already the case on the rest of the page. Also, we cleaned up the navigation. For some power users it might be a little unaccustomed at the beginning, but we are sure you will like it when you get used to it.


More Useful Information

Why you should use Photocase is now displayed right up front, on the start page. And because people often ask us, how much the photos actually cost, we put a little price information right next to it.


In the lower part of the page we now finally have a place where we can proudly show off, who is using Photocase and why. For more praise, we even set up a own testimonial page.


Signing up for the Newsletter Made Easy

Right underneath the testimonials section you can find a field where you can sign up for our shiny monthly Photocase newsletter.


We put a lot of time and effort into building these who sites. The main reason for this is, that we are switching from ASP to Ruby on Rails now step by step (for all non nerds: Ruby is a programming language and Ruby on Rails the according web framework). It just was about time. We already converted a part go the page, which means that we kind of to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds at the moment. That’s why there still might be a little jiggling. If you notice something, please let us know. As always, we appreciate any constructive feedback you might have for us. Just send us an email to support[at] Merci.

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