Photographers talk about their photos: travel bug by quiloo

Because summer seems to be making us wait a little longer this year, we chose a photo to warm you up a little. In our monthly feature “Photographers talk about their photos” quiloo tells us the story behind his photo “travel bug.” For all, who (like us) don’t exactly remember how to fold such a paper boat, here’s a little reminder.

A photo by quiloo

A photo by quiloo

I was so looking forward to this: A one week vacation together with my family on the island Langeoog. Far away from the frantic daily routine. Calmness, the sea and just pure relaxation. We were lucky because the weather was awesome. Of course, I brought my Canon EOS 5dMark II camera.

That day, we took a long walk along the beach. Before that I had been playing with some ideas on what I want to photograph. Among them was the concept of longing for the faraway. Somehow I came up with the paper boat idea. So I asked my daughter if she would fold one for me, because I’m not very talented in this.

We started taking photos and it was so much fun! I tried a couple of things and among the results was this photo. Even though it was evening already, I was still able to take photos with aperture 5, ISO 100 and an exposure time of 1/400.

Thanks, quiloo! Check out his user profile here.

If you are (like me) totally also up for some folding action now, you should check out these origami vegetables (also includes folding instructions for paper carrots). Happy folding!

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  1. I have always been a fan of great photos specially this one. Great shots… Keep it up!

  2. Just started fowloling your blog. Started this week with a decision to advance from baby step prepping to “put on your big girl pants” and get going!!

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