At the “STARKlub” with sïanaïs and froodmat

Bäm! And here comes a new episode of our monthly feature “Photographers talk about their photos”. This time, it’s getting colorful, loud, awesome and a little crazy with sïanaïs and froodmat talking about their photo series “STARKlub”. Ready? Go!

A photo by sïanaïs

The story behind the photos is told quickly. Our friend Kong was visiting us in Switzerland and we have a tradition we became really fond of: Celebrating together in our sweet home, involving funny projection games, some visual feedback jibba jabba, irresponsible clothing and loud music. From time to time, (sometime clueless) friends from all over the world get thrown into the action via Skype when we project their video stream with our beamer at the wall. This way we can make it possible to dance together over long distances. A camera (5d Mark2 – in manual mode configured according the the actual light situation) stands on a tripod, the lens oriented towards the projection, always ready to capture what’s happening. It could be claimed that the photos are results of a conception, exactly planned long beforehand, but what’s right is that they’re just the outcome of spontaneous creativity unfolding in a optimal framework. A collage of light, music, motion, color and childish high spirits.

The name of the photo series «STARKlub» came up randomly between two parties, written on a cardbox and simply says it all.

Thanks so much to sïanaïs and froodmat!

See more photos from their fascinating series here.

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