Bye Bye FCM

Our Free Credit Monday Man now has more time to take care of his cat. Starting next Monday there will be new offers and campaigns on our start page. Photo: designritter

The time has come, our Free Credit Monday (FCM) Man is retiring. Last Monday he gave out free credits for the last time and waved Goodbye to the world.

So what comes after Free Credit Monday? Well, there will be new things! The main goal of FCM was to bring Photocase to new users and to give them the option to try our service. But we’ve come up with a new way to attract new users which we’ve already been testing on the side and which just turned out to be more effective. So from next Monday on, there will be a new fresh air blowing on our start page. New offers and photo collections are already preparing for take-off, so stay tuned!

One important thing, especially for all the photographers among you: Even without FCM we preserved the aspect of Photocase as a sharing platform for photographers. Of course you will keep getting 6 Credits for every photo you publish on Photocase.

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