La Chamancinco – The contest photos

One thing is for sure. Every Photocase Day needs a proper photo contest. Following the very first Photocase Day in history (which took place in 2008), this year’s contest was all about Polaroids and this is how it went: There were 9 teams and we equipped each one with a Polaroid camera from AllzweckJacks’ collection, a film pack from The Impossible Project with 8 exposures and one hour time. The task was to shoot a photo series according to a certain topic. The finding of the contest topic was a little more complex this year and looked like this: The week before La Chamancinco we all had icecream together and thought of 3 topics, we wrote them down and sealed them safely in 3 envelopes. One of these envelopes was picked live at Photocase Day and it was the one with the following topic: Alter Ego. With this topic came a little complement: We wanted to see portraits.

To increase the level of difficulty a little, there were 3 subtasks involved: The photo series should contain those 3 things:

  • the color green
  • a photo in a photo
  • a piece of Berlin

All the outcomes were then spread out on a huge table and all participants were able to vote for their favorite collection by marking it with a green dot sticker.

And here are the winners:

1st place (group B)

Team members: inkje, emoji, madochab, AllzweckJack und Maria Vaorin

2nd place (group A)

Team members: secretgarden, sir_hiss, Mausefuss, sara sun, phoenixie, sajola

3rd place (group I)

Team members: steffne, table, Janne Tassin, mathias the dread, jodofe

Thanks again to AllzweckJack, who supplied us with the awesome Polaroid cameras.

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