Photographers talk about their photos: Colorful with no more lookism

Sometimes, looking at certain photos instantly raises your happiness level, just like with this photo that our photographer Tim aka no more lookism made during the Dresden edition of the Holi Festival. It’s a big outdoor party where people meet up so they can throw colored cornmeal-powder in the air at the same time. In this blogpost, he tells us all about it and reveals how he prepared his camera for the event.

Throw your hands and colorbombs in the air. Photo: "jittery moment as emotions echoed" by no more lookism

Normally Sunday mornings are not the time that people usually decide to shift their current whereabouts 200 km further, inhale 2 sandwiches from the gas station and 4 cups of coffee, only to return at the end of the day with a full memory card and about 3,5 kg of colored dust in and on the body. Stimulated by my friends and pictures from India, I purchased a ticket to the colorful cornmeal party and kept asking myself ever since, if this would be the last thing my camera would ever see in its life. I didn’t trust any of this wild protection constructions using materials from plastic bags or cotton bags to aluminum foil. The best but also the most expensive solution seemed to be a DiCaPac underwater case for DSLR cameras. Three clicks and a visit from the postman later, I was holding the case (suitable for almost every body and lenses with a length up to 15 cm) in my hand. After a cautious spill test with some house dust, I wrapped my camera in this 500 grams of stinky silicone.

On Sunday then, bustling through a joyful crowd of people and massive clouds of colorful powder, I just let go and let my finger go wild on the trigger. Virtual preservations of special moments. My camera is still in perfect health. Emotions echoed.

Thanks, Tim! Head to his user profile here.

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