Photo Hack Day Berlin #2

Foto: Kai

We spent last weekend at Photo Hack Day Berlin, Europe’s premier hackathon based on and around images where photographers, designers and software developers meet to team up and develop new and innovative photo projects and apps. We didn’t hack ourselves (maybe next time) but we were among the prize sponsors. We gave away a Photocase package including a Polaroid SX70 camera, 2 Impossible Project film packs, a couple of instant flash lights plus 100 Photocase downloadcredits for the winner in the category “Allround Photo Hacks”.

We must say we were really impressed by the photo hacks that were created during the 24h hackathon. One of our favorites among the 27 hacks that were submitted was the Tourist Eraser App. An app for Android phones which allows you to take pictures of static objects, e.g. monuments or buildings without this annoying moving objects like straying tourists in the foreground. We also really liked the hacks by the Loopcam guys (if you don’t know their Loopcam app yet, you should definitely check it out, we are huge fans!). They created LoopCRT, an app that let’s you filter your loopcam loops through their real world camera filter machine called “InstaCRT”, which you can check out here.

Kudos to everone who hacked! It’s really stunning to see what you can create within only 24 hours. And high fives again to team Helmut who built a scanner for analog negatives (to get an impression how this looks like check out this photo of team member CarlaD) and won our Photocase prize package.

Congrats to the winning team. Have fun with your new cam!

Thanks to team EyeEm for hosting!

Photos: Kai

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