Photographers talk about their photos: Endless space with joeran

What an amazing shot! I’m pretty sure this comes close to what an astronaut must feel when they look down from their spaceship to the tiny little earth below. In this blogpost, our photographer joeran tells us the story behind his breathtaking photo.

A photo by joeran

A photo by joeran

The photo was taken on the isle of La Palma (Canary Islands) on the top of the mountain “Caldera de Taburiente” in 2,5km heights. The Caldera de Taburiente is a national park with a huge crater and the view from up there is fabulous. Thanks to an almost non-existing light pollution, the sky there is incredibly clear and because it’s so high you can see the clouds slowly developing underneath you. I was there together with a friend (Bela Gipp) and his Nikon D800. We took the photo around midnight with a focal length of 16mm (Nikon 16-35mm lens), aperture 5, an exposure time of 30 seconds and ISO 640. You can’t see this in the photo but there was fine dust or sand all over the ground, which means that we had to be incredibly cautious rushing back to our chosen position after releasing the self-timer, hoping that not too much sand would land on the new D800. By the way, the light source in the tent comes from a small headlamp.

Thanks so much for sharing the photo and the story behind it, joeran!

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  1. Great shot !!! EXCELLENT !! I like it so much! specially the warm light in the tent, very romantic.

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