The new multi-upload tool

We are proud to introduce to you our shiny new upload tool that includes a new feature that has been eagerly awaited by many of you: the multi-upload. Read all about how it works and what else is new in this latest blog post.

New layout & more info

We have upgraded the uploader to make it chic and easier to use.

To give especially new photographers a better insight, we added helpful information about file format and size as well as legal information, what happens after you uploaded your photos and what’s special about the Photocase style right on the upload page.

Upload multiple photos at once

Buh-bye single upload. Hello multi-upload! If you have published more than 10 photos on Photocase, you can use our fancy new multi-upload tool and upload multiple photos at once, up to 100 photos per day.

New technology

The new uploader is written completely in Ruby and with that we made another big step by switching the whole site from ASP to Ruby on Rails (BTW, Ruby is the programming language and Rails is the web framework – so it has nothing to do with shiny rocks or train tracks. Science!). We optimized the whole background process so everything should run a little faster and smoother now.

High-res version right from the start

In the old version of the uploader photographers were able to upload a small version of their photo for the photo approval process first and replace this version with the high res photo after it was accepted. Because internet connections have only improved since then, we got rid of the upload of preview versions in the new uploader. Just upload your high res versions right from the start. That way you have less work when it comes to finalizing and publishing your photos later.

More pixels

The old minimum resolution was 2000px. In the meantime not only the world has kept on turning but also cameras produce higher resolution photos. So we raised the minimum resolution by 500px. Your photo must now be at least 2500 pixels either long or wide.

Your photo selection

A multi-upload is a nice thing to have but don’t forget that quality is always better than quantity. Please upload only selected photos and don’t pour the whole content of your camera into the uploader. This way the photo approval process will go faster and everybody’s nerves stay fresh. 🙂

If you notice something, please let us know. As always, we appreciate any constructive feedback you might have for us. Just send us an email to support[at] Thanks to all the beta-testers, who’ve been testing the new system like busy (and good-looking) bees.

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