Photographers talk about their photos: Flying fish by Fräulein.Nina

In our monthly feature “Photographers talk about their photos” our photographer Fräulein.Nina tells us how fish and flying gets together on a photo.

A photo by Fräulein.Nina

It was a Thursday in August, filled with magical hours. It was the last day of the flying fish.

Warm sunlight welcomed us at an early hour in our small home town in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But after only a couple of steps through the magic forest a grey veil of clouds told us that the sun would fade soon. We were seeking shelter from the imminent raindrops in an aquarium grotto that let the surroundings only gently gleam through its walls of glass. What we saw was defined by a tunnel view, denying the outside world. Everything seemed to stand still and being forgotten when a fascinating picture was forming in front of our eyes. Were we still below or underneath the water surface? Or did the fish around us really start to fly? Or was it just some kind of surreal dream trying to escape reality?

A natural phenomenon, captured unvarnished as a form of visual memory of a time full of hopes and dreams. Without an SLR camera, any retouching or flash, only a snapshot taken with a banal, analogue, green plastic camera and a ISO 200 film.

Thanks, Nina! Head to her user profile here

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