Photographers talk about their photos: What’s playing on Katrin Bpunkt’s headphones?

Only Love - a photo by Katrin Bpunkt

A photo by Katrin Bpunkt

Music. What other medium can influence our mood or thoughts so easily, or let us dream in the middle of the day? When listening to music over headphones, music can draw us into the melodies, harmonies and tones and make us forget about the world for a moment. The photo Only Love by our photographer Katrin Bpunkt shows a little girl in exactly such a moment.

Music is my life. In the morning, I wake up with a song on my lips and then sing it in the shower. Later I sit at my PC, looking for the next big thing in the indie-music-scene, to ask them to perform a song for my project “in bed with“.

At one point, I had the idea to take photos of people while they are listening to music. I can’t recall why I decided that the headphones had to be white. But I still know why they had to be very big – to be a primary element of the photo. The photo of the little girl was one of the first photos of this series I took. I was at a friend’s house, and I wanted to give my new idea a tryout. I guess one look at the photo shows that my friend’s daughter is very photogenic, and she liked being photographed a lot. Also, it was a special occasion for her to be using a MP3-Player and listening to music over headphones. Since I myself don’t often listen to music during the day, I only had a very limited selection on my player. Mostly my favorite artists, Bright Eyes and Sigur Rós. I chose Sigur Rós, since the girl seemed a bit young for Bright Eyes. And considering her dreamy look, I guess it was a good choice. I took this photo quite some time ago, back when I still used my Canon 350 and the standard 50mm/1,8 lens. I put the chair in her back against a very convenient big glass plane.

In the aftermath, I took a lot of photos for this headphone series. And since I often meet musicians and bands, I started another series called “Listening to“, where I took a picture of artists like Conor Obert, Foster The People or Wild Beasts while they were listening to their current favorite song on my big, white headphones.

Thanks Katrin! Head to her user profile here.

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