Photographers talk about their photo (Easter edition): 3 wishes by pencake

No Easter without eggs. Our photographer pencake has been dropping egg after egg in our photo browser lately. We started to wonder if she might be a bird breeder. Turns out she’s not, but in this blogpost she tells us all about the photo and where all those eggs came from.

A photo by pencake

My photo “3 wishes” belongs to a series of experiments of indoor photography. Every photographer wishes for a progression of her work and skills, so that is already wish #1 that came true.

To find good motifs indoors was also an attempt to get through this long and icy winter of 2012/13, to be honest. The first obstacle was to find good adequate back- or undergrounds. On many neat studio photos from other photographers here on Photocase, I often see old wooden tables, gorgeous parquet floors or footworn wooden castle floors. But where should I get something like this? In the Allgäu Alps where I life, there are old wooden huts in the middle of wide meadows everywhere with wonderfully well-trodden planks. But the snow was metres high, there was no way to get there. In the end, I found two small old wooden boards (that I used as a ramp for the lawn mower in summer). They are also in the picture in “3 wishes”. Allround background motif was found, wish #2 fulfilled. 🙂

As soon as I had found my wooden boards, I started experimenting with different egg types as foreground motifs. I started off with a white hen’s egg as a puristic easter egg version. The eggs that I am holding in my hands in the photo are quail’s eggs. They really are something for the eye, they can be green or white or blueish but most of he time, they are yellow-brown-spotted. Every quail’s eggs is different.

The photo was taken with a small and light Pen (E-PL3) – hence the username pen-cake. 🙂 I always have my Pen on me when I leave the house. Since I bought myself the Leica Summilux 25mm F1.4, I almost solely take photos with that awesome fixed focal length. It’s great in dark forests and gloomy winter rooms. For the photo, I set up my tripod, put the camera in position and then pushed the automatic release. Now I had 12 seconds left to bring my hands and the 3 eggs into position. the scenery is illuminated by daylight from a balcony door. Finally, I cropped and edited the photo slightly in Lightroom 4 and Flare.

That leaves me one free wish. But I wont tell what that is, otherwise it won’t come true 🙂

Thanks, pencake! Head to her user profile here. And happy Easter, everybody!

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