Rock climbing with gregepperson

This month, we asked our Californian photographer, rock climber and mountain biker gregepperson to tell us more about one of his photos for our feature “Photographers talk about their photos.” Here’s the story behind his photo “Team of climbers rapelling”.

(Editor’s Note: The writing of this article coincided with the fight on Mount Everest that happened earlier this week. We’re glad to hear Miyolangsangma kept the peace.)

gregepperson /

A photo by gregepperson

Our objective was a new route on the Angel Wings Massif, a group of granite peaks in the region that includes Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States. Late season storms in this Sierra Nevada mountain range of California can come in fast, cold and very wet. Years of experience in this terrain influenced our decision to abandon this climb and descend. Our intuition was good, a violent storm appeared in the next few hours. The climbers are quickly and carefully checking their set-ups for descent and rope retrieval. I use a 14mm linear corrected lens on projects like these, it helps minimize the edge distortion and works well in confined spaces like this small ledge. The photo was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (ISO 100, 1/400 @ f10).


Thanks, gregepperson. Head to his user profile here.


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