The eagle has landed: Photocase Lightdeck

Our new photo-rating tool – Lightdeck – went online a little more than a week ago. Since then, our community has already cast 1,2 million votes. We’re impressed! Thanks to everyone who has taken part! Here’s a quick Q&A-style round-up of our newest feature.


And this is how Lightdeck looks like. Photo by suze.

Lightdeck is a big step for us and we are super excited. 🙂 We’ve received a lot of positive feedback within the first days, but there were also some questions and concerns that came up. We would like to address them in this blogpost in the hopes of clarifying a few things. Here we go.

We have the impression that some of the basics of Lightdeck are still a little nebulous, so let’s start there:

What is Lightdeck anyway?

Lightdeck is the name of our new photo rating tool. Photographers who have a portfolio with more than 100 photos on Photocase can rate photos that were uploaded to Photocase, thereby pre-reviewing photos for our photo-editors.

How does it work?

Photographers see one photo at a time and can choose to click “like” or “don’t like”. They can also select a reason for their decision. If the community gives a photo a 10% positive vote ratio, the photo will move on to the final approval stage and our editors will review things like image quality and check for any legal issues before making a final decision.

Why did you create lightdeck?

The opinion of the community matters to us and we wanted to find a way to include their judgement in the decisions of the photo-editors. In the past, only a small group of photo-editors were checking photos and we had the impression that over the years, the risk of a one-sided selection was growing. With a pre-review stage done by the community, we think more photos will be seen by our photo-editors, that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Why did you decide to let photographers with more than 100 photos take part?

About 400 photographers were invited to join Lightdeck and to give us their opinion on newly-uploaded photos. We trust those photographers to vote fairly and treat the photos respectfully. The fact that they have already more than 100 photos in their portfolios shows us that they have a similar aesthetic to our photo-editors.

What happens, if a photo doesn’t get enough positive votes in Lightdeck?

Don’t worry, they are not instantly fired into the sun by the great Cannon of Rejection. The photo editors will check ALL the photos to make sure that we don’t miss any pearls.

How is it working out so far?

After the first days, the results from the pre-review by the community look very good. Photos, that were appreciated in Lightdeck, were also favored by our photo editors. Photos, that failed in Lightdeck also mostly had a hard time when they met our photo editors. In general, more photos made it onto Photocase and we think that’s a positive development.

We were happy to hear that lots of photographers were saying that they gained some valuable insight by using Lightdeck and that it also changed the way they look at their own photos.

Is Photocase going to get more “mainstream” now?

Definitely not! The first days of Lightdeck have shown that there’s no cause for concerns in that area. Once again, no photo will get rejected without the photo editors having seen them. They still have the chance to pick photos they like from the ones that didn’t collect enough positive votes in Lightdeck. And even in Lightdeck, a photo doesn’t have to please every eye, “only” 10% “likes” are enough to move further to the final approval stage.

What’s next?

Lightdeck is new, also for us. There is a period of adjustment for everyone. Thanks for all the feedback we received so far, we really appreciate it. Hopefully, we were able to address most of your questions and concerns in this blogpost. In addition to this article, we also updated our FAQ entries on Lightdeck (you can check them out any time here). Also, we would also like you to know that we are listening and will continue to listen to your concerns and ideas. Feel free to post your technical problems, questions and suggestions in the support forum. Thanks!


Summary: Our new photo rating tool Lightdeck has been online for a little more than a week now and the results have been largely positive. Lightdeck is however new and there’s a period of adjustment for everyone, us included. We are listening to your concerns and ideas! Here’s the link to the support forum.

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