Recap: Photocase Hack Day Berlin

Once again we were proud prize sponsors at this year’s Photo Hack Day Berlin. More than 120 developers and designers took part in the 24 hour hackathon based on and around images, with a total of 41 hacks submitted. For best all-round photo hack (second prize) we gave away a Fujifilm X10! The lucky winner of our beautiful camera was Ambeer. Ambeer won for creating an app that extracts the 4 main colors from a photo and creates a kind of ambient light show out of it (more technical details here). It’s even more fun when you use it in slideshow mode and it would make slideshow evenings with family and friends more exciting. 🙂 Congrats to Ambeer, have fun with your new camera!


Glückwunsch an den Gewinner Hack Ambeer. Viel Spaß mit deiner neuen Kamera!

Congrats to Ambeer. Have fun with your new camera!

The conceptual hardware hack in 2 parts DIGITALANALOG made the 3rd place. In Part 1 animated GIFs were transformed into the analog world via the Impossible Instant Lab device, exploring the users perception of this transformation. Part 2 experimented with unconventional material to create analog filters for the iPhone flash. First place was Photoration, an app that uses data from a GPS, Google maps and Foursquare along with the EyeEm API to relocate the exact location where a photo was taken.

One of our personal favorites was Snapcat, an app for cats, by cats. 🙂 A moving red dot is shown on the screen and whenever your cat touches the dot with her paw, it will take a cat selfie. Snapcat is already available for Android, you can download it right here.

Another hack we really liked was CouponShooter. A gratification-app, or simply put: shoot share, get a coupon. Say you just went shopping at the Lomography Gallery Store, you take a photo of your new toy, share it and you get a ton of likes. As a Thank You, you get a cute little coupon code for your next visit, printed out on a Thermal Printer which is part of the device. If all coupons are gone, you get a friendly unicorn instead.


It was really stunning again to see, what you can create within only 24 hours. Respect to everyone who took part. You can check out all the hacks here.

Also, Kudos and Thanks again to team Eyeem for hosting!

Over and out. We’re off to find a cat that wants to try Snapcat with us. 🙂

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