Multi-upload now open for everyone

The time has come. As of now, all photographers can use our fancy new multi-upload tool and upload multiple photos at once. New users can submit up to 10 photos per day, established photographers even more: if you have at least 10 photos published on Photocase, you can upload up to 100 photos per day.


Now, as some of you might ask: Well guys, that’s some fancy new technology. How come you put out something “revolutionary” like this in the year of 2013? Well, it’s true, we always were (and still are) strong devotees of the old saying quality before quantity. It was (and still is) very important to us, that you resist the temptation to dump the contents of your SD card into the uploader. We want you to choose carefully and only upload your very best photos. At the same time we know that uploading photos one by one is as exciting as watching paint dry. That’s why we think that with the new multi-upload, in combination with the limitation of 10 photos for new photographers, we have a nice balance.

We hope you like it and upload your pearls like it’s 2013. šŸ˜‰

This way to the Upload page.

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