This was Photocase Day 2013

This was La Chamansix. We can’t believe it’s already over. We’re back to everyday life, back to the office, where the fan keeps turning and we gaze longingly at the pics Kai shot. What a great day! The Naked Lunch turned out to be an awesome location even with temperatures over 30 degrees, and our photographers were rocking the photo contest once again (despite the heat). We’ll show the results of the contest in a separate blog post but what we can already reveal is that this year’s challenge was not only to take photos but also to present these photos in form of a story to the La Chamansix crowd. Kudos to the photographers and presenters, you guys really nailed it! 🙂

What else happened on Photocase Day 2013? Well there were fortune cookies (home made or rather “office made”), Photocase medals and the beginning of a new tradition: the glorious Photocase challenge cup. This year, group number 2, with andlostluggage, almogon, jock+scott, una.knipsolina, john krempl, Clara and AllzweckJack on board, won the shiny new trophy. We’re already super excited to see who will take the cup home next year.

There was also a little video action happening. We are very happy that our friend Nico (aka the “Ballonkistenmann“), our go-to-guy for everything video-related, captured some moving image impressions for us again this year. We’re so much looking forward to showing you the final video(s)! But until then, feel free to shorten the waiting time with the video that Nico made from our 10 year anniversary party.

Thanks to everyone who came out for La Chamansix! We know that for some, it was quite a journey (thanks to Deutsche Bahn and holiday traffic). We really appreciate it and we hope you had a great time (just like we did).

Here’s a few pics:







La Chaman* 4ever! 😉 See you next year!

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