The La Chamansix photo contest 2013

It wouldn’t be a Photocase Day without a proper photo contest. After riding the analogue wave for the last few years (Polaroid cameras, Lomo La Sardina cameras, disposable cameras), we decided to run a digital contest this year. Another novelty at La Chamansix: the glorious Photocase challenge cup, which will be passed on from winner to winner every year from now on.

The Photocase challenge cup

Photocase cup

Here it is, the glorious Photocase cup. Who is going to take it home next year?

The task

This year’s challenge was not only to take photos but also to tell a story along with a selection of 6 photos. There was no specific topic this year, so participants were able to let their imagination run wild. With one hour of time, 6 teams got cracking.

After the time was over, all the teams submitted their 6 photos via card readers. The demo session took place in the evening where one member of each group had the honour of presenting their photos plus story in front of the La Chamansix crowd (with projector, mic and everything, of course).

The jury

We also decided to do things differently in terms of decision-finding this year. No dot stickers and no Photocase team call this time. Only the jury picked the winners. Our home made fortune cookies decided who was to become a jury member. Before the challenge started, every contest group received a bowl of fortune cookies. In every bowl, we hid exactly one cookie with the note “You will be jury member” baked into it. That’s how our 6 jury members: UlrikeA, almogon, suschaa, secretgarden, ginger. and Jo.sephine were selected.

The results

We were really impressed with the results! Seems like our photographers get better and better from year to year. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Chapeau! And a special ‘Thank you’ to our jury members! We know from our own experiences how hard it is to arrive at a decision in such a contest.

We’ll publish the contest photos along with the stories here on our blog over the coming days, starting tomorrow. You will then find out who took 2nd and 3rd place (we’ve already leaked who won the 1st place – not in favor of the suspense curve, we admit it).

Stay tuned! Great photos and stories coming your way.

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