La Chamansix – the contest photos, part I

Let’s get started with a review of our La Chamansix photo contest. We kick off with the 3 groups that didn’t win, but still won a place in our hearts. 🙂

Here are the photos and stories of group 3, 4 and 5.

Group 3

Team members: no_i.d., suschaa, prenz66, Charlotte V., ugwo, zabalotta, dioxin

gruppe 3 - 1

The photo, ugwo, had already started to make himself at home on the Lightdeck, when he got kicked out in the last minute.

gruppe 3 - 2

And now there he lies, buried underneath the other rejected photos. Is this the end?

gruppe 3 - 3

No, it’s not. Ugwo gets dragged into the “My rejected photos” forum …

gruppe 3 - 4

… where the community tries to revive him. (“Try making it a square!”)

gruppe 3 - 5

Success! Ugwo is revitalized.

gruppe 3 - 6

Ugwo’s resurrection. He gets accepted, finally.

Gruppe 4

Team members: mathias the dread, Gräfin., o-zero, secretgarden, patrick.loedel


Landed in Berlin (from Saarland, Hannover and Hamburg), for La Chamansix …


… the first place to go was the souvenir booth, to get something nice for the ones who stayed at home.


After that, we had to take photos of the Berlin sights, of course: the TV tower! In an unprecedented pose and with flash (otherwise you don’t see it in the picture).


Next, we got on to the track of history …


… until we reached the Berlin wall. We tried to climb it and to peer through.


When suddenly, miraculously a passage opened up that led us directly to La Chamansix, where we could cool down our oppressed feet in the pool.

Group 5

Team members: Ulli 19:46, TRUELIGHT-NOW, ginger. and son, Robert

Editor‘s note: Group 5 performed their story (the song Der Goldene Reiter) by actually singing it. Ginger.’s son was the lead singer and Robert acted as background singer. The passages marked in bold were accentuated by Robert with wild interjections in a Thuringo-Saxon accent. We still have it in our ears (“Reiiiidor”, “Leiiidor”) – what a bummer that we can’t provide you some audio.

1 (1)

[song text in German]

An der Umgehungsstraße,
Kurz vor den Mauern unserer Stadt,
Steht eine Nervenklinik,
Wie sie noch keiner gesehen hat.
Sie hat das Fassungsvermögen
Sämtlicher Einkaufszentren der Stadt.
Gehn dir die Nerven durch
Wirst du noch verrückter gemacht.
Hey Hey Hey Ich war der Goldene Reiter 

2 (1)

Hey Hey Hey Ich bin ein Kind dieser Stadt
Auf meiner Fahrt in die Klinik
Sah ich noch einmal die Lichter der Stadt.
Sie brannten wie Feuer in meinen Augen,


Ich fühlte mich einsam und unendlich schlaff.
Hey Hey Hey Ich war der Goldene Reiter.
Hey Hey Hey Ich bin ein Kind dieser Stadt.

4 (1)

Hey Hey Hey Ich war so hoch auf der Leiter.

5 (1)

Lebensbedrohliche Schizophrenie,
Neue Behandlungszentren
Bekämpfen die wirklichen Ursachen nie.

6 (1)

Hey Hey Hey Ich war der Goldene Reiter.
Hey Hey Hey Ich bin ein Kind dieser Stadt.
Hey Hey Hey Ich war so hoch auf der Leiter.
Doch dann fiel ich ab,
Ja, dann fiel ich ab.

Fin. For now. We’re back with place 3 tomorrow!

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