La Chamansix – the contest photos, part II: Who took 3rd place?

As promised, here are the winners of  3rd place in our La Chamansix photo contest. Congrats to group 6, who got inspired by one of our fortune cookies, in which they found a little note that said: “Your photos will be used solely for religious purposes.” And their story goes like this…

3rd place (group 6)

Team members: cydonna, doesnotcare, Jo.sephine, Robbiy und nicolasberlin

gruppe 6 - 1

Runaway. The blonde Anna had published a photo by Micha and used it for religious purposes without asking beforehand and without naming the credits. Now she herself becomes a religious persecutee. Micha is onto her.

gruppe 6 - 2

Fist2Face. As it is written in the Old Testament: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Anna gets punished for stealing the photo.

gruppe 6 - 3

Ascension to heaven. It has got her badly. Anna is wafting to heaven, because god is gracious.

gruppe 6 - 4

A new start. With god, it’s always possible. And as we are about to learn: All Photocase people get into heaven.

gruppe 6 - 5

Crimescene. Ghetto Kid aka “El Kubano”, Anna’s son, takes revenge for his mother’s death and kills Micha. Cold as ice.

gruppe 6 - 6

Ascension to heaven 2.0. Micha’s body got dumped in the backyards of the Berlin favelas. But don’t worry, as we learned earlier, all Photocase people get into heaven.

El fin.

Applause, applause! We’ll continue tomorrow with 2nd place, so stay tuned.

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