La Chamansix – the contest photos, part IV: The glorious winners

Time for the grand finale! We’ve put on our tuxedoes and evening dresses. Get your hands ready for some serious clapping because here we go:

… the Photocase cup goes to: group number 2 for their brilliant photo story “Dornenvögeln”. Congratulations!

1st place (group 2)

Team members: andlostluggage, almogon, jock+scott, una.knipsolina, Allzweckjack, john krempl and Clara

gruppe 2 - 1

The sun was burning merciless on the Berlin cobbles, when Adelheid died, giving birth to her daughter Rosi on August 3rd 1985.

gruppe 2 - 2

Rosi was helping Ralf with French and Biology. But no one was helping Rolf.

gruppe 2 - 3

Together, they were sharing bed and bar.
Which was quite dramatic for Rolf.

gruppe 2 - 4

The gods were smiling, when Ralf and Rosi had reached the happiness of the Olymp.

gruppe 2 - 5

Two men have to do what 2 men have to do: Kiss.

gruppe 2 - 6

The sun was burning merciless on the Berlin cobbles, when Rosi “moved” to her Mum’s on August 3rd 2013.

“Disgrace was huge, the blood so red,
Ralf-Rolf united in happiness, Rosi dead.”

The end.

Bravo, group 2! Here’s a pic of the winners:

La Chamansix Photocontest 2013 – die Gewinner

Photo by von AlexAlex

This was the last one of our photo stories from Photocase Day. Thanks again to everyone who took part. What a contest, great photos and terrific stories. It was fun, guys! 🙂

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