New Photocase layout versions with and without watermarks

In February, we started a little poll on the topic of layout versions to learn more about what our photographers and photo buyers would like to see and to improve in the future. The feedback we got was pretty clear: our old layout versions needed some, *cough* optimization. After we dried our tears, we took your feedback in and started the overhaul. And now, the new layout versions are ready and we are very happy to present them to you! Our layout versions are better than ever, but in spite of their good looks and nice personality, they aren’t allowed to go out in public yet… they are still only to be used for internal drafts and mock-ups. If you love a photo so much that you want to take it to the big dance and use it in a final production or design, you will need to purchase a license. But you knew that already, right?

So, enough talk. Here are the new Photocase layout versions.

New sleeker watermark and easy access

We replaced the old crazy watermarks with a new, more restrained watermark in the middle of the photo. An info bar at the bottom of the photo includes the photo ID, the photo credit as well as a short URL that brings you to that photo on our site. Our new layout version is 600px long or wide.

Here are a few example layout versions:

Photocase layout version, photo ID 428998 by brightbild

Photocase layout version, photo ID 185852 by cp.fotografie

Photocase layout version, photo ID 407368 by kallejipp

Photocase layout version, photo ID 226467 by Tartarugha

Photo credits in the meta data

Many of you also wanted the photo credit information (photographer name and Photocase as source of the photo) included in the meta data of each layout version. So we gave it to you.

Layout versions without watermarks

People who have previously purchased photos from us will have access to watermark free layout versions. If you haven’t bought photos from us yet, you can fill out and submit an agreement form which you can find right next to the layout version.

New look for our layout version, enlarged view and metadata pages.


We also gave our layout version, enlarged view and metadata a little touch up.

Zooming in and out is not exactly rocket surgery, but we found a way to improve the zoom function anyway, making zooming in and out smoother. On the metadata page, there’s now a map that shows the location where the photo was taken (if GPS data is available).

So, there you have it. The new Photocase Layout versions. Thanks again to everyone who took part in our poll. Don’t blame us when you have to start working late because your boss or client starts approving all your mock-ups! But then again, as Grandma Photocase always said, it’s better to be busy than bored. 🙂

And as always, we appreciate any constructive feedback you might have for us. Just send us an email to support[at]

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