Halloween Special: Show them pointy teeth with flo-flash

Our photographer flo-flash has become quite famous here on Photocase for his funny cardboard cartoon photos. Now that it’s Halloween, his boxy friends are showing their scary teeth. In this blog post, he tells us more.

A photo by flo-flash

A photo by flo-flash

When Photocase asked me to talk a little bit about my cardboard cartoons I started asking myself for the first time: Why am I making them? The answer is simply: There is no special reason… oh wait… there is one. Because it’s fun. 🙂

The idea and realization of the first series was very spontaneous. I had some cardboard boxes that were laying around and I thought they were too good for throwing them away (like a white sheet of paper). After a few sketches, I swung the paintbrush and started creating my first cartoons.

The first photos worked pretty well on Photocase so I just had to keep on cartooning. Because I wear the boxes like a mask, I can intensify the facial expression and bring them to life. That’s what I find most fascinating about them.

A photo by flo-flas

A photo by flo-flas

The smaller heads of my earlier cartoons were already a bit bizarre and a little scary, but for Halloween I needed something bigger, louder and creepier. So I grabbed the biggest box I could find. I didn’t just want to put on a huge box, that would be silly (haha), what I had in mind was a huge mask behind which I can disappear. What came out in the end is kind of a swear word in person, a yap on two legs.

Here’s a few pics from the making of:


I always use well covering acrylic color for painting my carton heads, they form a nice contrast to the brown cardboard. At the back of the masks, there is a rigged up holder for my head so that I can use my hands when posing in front of the camera. All photos were taken with timer release in my studio with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera.

Thanks flo-flash! This way to his user profile.

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