Photocase is turning 12?! Time for a photo contest!

A photo by jaeschko
A photo by jaeschko

What can we say. Another year already in the books and suddenly we’re 12. As we sat around the lunch table eating Frank’s delicious vegetable soup, we started talking about the upcoming birthday and the big question was “how do we celebrate?” Some suggestions included half naked men and women popping out of a cake, or a charter flight to the actual Lightdeck (it’s off the coast of Fuerteventura).

A contest though, that would be something though wouldn’t it? That way there’s a little something for everyone. You take a few pics, let the creativity flow and we get to have fun checking out your photos. And choosing a winner! So, you masters of light… dazzle us!

Here’re the rules:

The theme is: “12”. Everyone can upload one photo. If you upload more than one, we’ll only look at the first one (so only upload one). The photo has to be uploaded before midnight on Sunday. On Monday the 2nd of December 2013 at noon we’ll announce the winner. We’re the jury, ’cause it’s our birthday! 🙂

Here’s the prize

The winner will get a shiny new Amazon Kindle Fire HD. For realz.


Upload your photo here!

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So, hop to it! We're looking forward to seeing your photos!


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