The winner of the Photocase jubilee contest

It’s a wrap! The Photocase jubilee contest is over. Thanks for your your congratulations and photos! The theme was “12.” Like every time we do a contest, it was really hard to choose just one favorite from so many great photos but we were able to unanimously agree on one winner in the end.

And that winner is…

Our photographer Gräfin. and her photo “Zählt die Einser” (which means”count the ones”), because we think it’s a cool photo (and also partly because we think, she miscounted just a little ;)).

"Zählt die Einser" von Gräfin.

A photo by Gräfin.

Congrats, you’ve won a Kindle Fire HD. Have fun with it!

Here are some more photos we also really liked

A photo by nicolasberlin

A photo by nicolasberlin

A photo by no more lookism

“you are growing gorgeous with every year” by no more lookism

"good for your eyes" by C/L

“good for your eyes” by C/L

A photo by secretgarden

“we count on you” by secretgarden

"pc victim" by kallejipp

“pc victim” by kallejipp

A photo by Bernd Vonau

A photo by Bernd Vonau

That was fun, guys. We should do contests like this more often. And now we’re off to the post office, we have a package to mail. 🙂

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