Some Christmas Gift Ideas from Photocase

Update: We added 5 more gift ideas.

It’s the same thing every year, on the morning of December 24th, you run through the department stores without a plan on the hunt for those last few Christmas presents and it’s just pure stress. Why not do it differently this year? There’s still enough time to discover some nice presents, while remaining calm and relaxed. As a little kick-start, we’ve collected some items that we like. Here are the first 10 ideas. We will add more over the next few days.

Treehouse subscription

We are huge fans of smart learning. Treehouse is a great opportunity to get started with web or app programming, graphic design and so on. With the help of videos and small challenges, you can learn step by step what jQuery is, how to build your own WordPress theme or how to get started with logo design.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 20.43.40
from 25$ per month – Treehouse

Chemex Coffee Carafe

Please stop drinking this cheapo coffee from those cheapo machines. Try something new instead!

Chemex carafefrom 39,90€ at Coffee Circle

Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm

It’s always good to have some hand balm at hand (get it?), especially in winter. When you start to leave scratches on everything you touch, you know it’s about time to give your hands a treat.

reverence_hand_balm_75ml_1from 23€ at Aesop


Friends are coming over for dinner and the big question is: What should I cook? It should be tasty and please everyone at the table. If you don’t want to make Spaghetti again, the new Kinfolk book with all the recipes from the previous issues is for you.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 09.07.39At Kinfolk for 35€

Hardgraft wallet only for cards

I love the wallet from Hardgraft. It fits all your cards and bank notes and looks incredibly chic.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 13.12.15
57 € at Hardgraft

LUP candle holder from HAY

Like a candle in the LUP. A beautiful candle holder from HAY. They have lots of other super nice stuff, too!

LUPfrom 22€ at Connox

Monkey Gin from the Black Forest

When you grow older, you not only mature as a person, but your taste in alcohol matures with you. Back in the day, it was Jägi and Coke for only $3, but today it’s more about the refined  liquids. Here’s a really fancy (but affordable) gin from the Black Forest in Germany with the most amazing label design.

38€ at Sueper Store

Photo magnets from Picpack

Take a photo today and stick it on your fridge by tomorrow. If you want to rejoice your family and friends, give them some lovely photo magnets as a present. It’s super easy and fast and the quality is great. We’ve got some on our office fridge too.

picpac12 magnets for 18€ including shipping worldwide at Picpack

Illustrations from Doublenaut

It doesn’t always have to be photographs. How about some gorgeous serigraphs from Matt & Andrew McCracken.

doublenaut25$ CAD at

Beautiful scarves from Seminar

Fancy scarves made from the finest cotton. Real cotton. Soft and light and a present that can be given away with a good conscience.

seminar85€ at Seminar

Shirts and sweaters from Beloved

If you rather wear unostentatious clothing, you don’t have to click here. 😉 This is more for your sensational self: Alloverprint t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. They even have unicorns!!

from 35$ at Beloved Shirts

Lumio LED lamps

Looks like a book, but it’s a lamp. Won’t be available before June 2014 though, but if you order now, you will get a nice wooden gift card for your presentees enjoyment.

160$ at Lumio

GLIF tripod mount & stand for smartphones

Did you ever try to attach your iPhone to a tripod? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem now any more. With this tool, your iPhone will fit every tripod or you just use it as a stand on your desk.

30$ at Studio Neat

From the iPad into a Moleskin

With the Paper App, you can scribble or write on your iPad and let your ideas be printed into a Moleskine with just one click.

paper 40$ at Fifthythree

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